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90 shops at Frederiksberg

Spread over three bright and inviting shop levels, no less than 90 shops at Frederiksberg welcome you in the best shopping centre of the Nordics, FRB.C Shopping. The centre guarantees fine shopping experiences with its large variety of well-assorted shops. Whether you are shopping for fashion wear, nice shoes, jewellery or electronics or looking for accessories for your everyday life, you will find it all in the shops at Frederiksberg.

The shopping centre is only two metro stops away from Nørreport Station and located in the heart of wonderful Frederiksberg where lots of good shopping experiences and tourist sights await you. This makes the shopping centre an obvious destination when you are looking for a good shopping spot in Copenhagen with lots of shops. You can take the metro or park your car on Frederiksberg Centret’s up-to-date car park roof where you get 1 hour’s free parking every 24 hours, or you can use the fine bike-parking area.


All kinds of shops at Frederiksberg Centret

Among the 90 shops at Frederiksberg you will find both large, international chains of shops and small, local businesses. Together, they present you with a varied choice of items ranging from fashion, electronics, home accessories, jewellery and sports equipment to beauty products and much more. A choice of items that you already know; that you expect to find; that you need here and now in your everyday life, as well as new and interesting collections and assortments from big vendors and fashion houses or smaller, well-known designers and brands. Here you can shop the latest things, find all your basic items, do your grocery shopping and let yourself be inspired for both weekdays and parties.


Fashion wear and shoe shops at Frederiksberg

FRB.C Shopping is synonymous with fashion so you will find a vast selection of exquisite fashion wear and shoes as well as fashionable and everyday accessories for both men, women and children of all ages. In the fashion shops at Frederiksberg, you can explore the latest collections from the big fashion houses and designers, with their exquisite fashion wear for every age, lifestyle, shape and figure. And whether you are looking to spoil yourself with some new clothes or to find a present, the staff in the shops are ready to guide you and give you advice about sizes, fits and the latest fashion trends.


From bookshops to electronics shops at Frederiksberg

Are you looking for a bookshop at Frederiksberg? Maybe a computer or electronics shop? Or are you looking for a very specific specialty shop such as a tailor, a pharmacy or a bag shop? You find all of them at FRB.C Shopping. Here, you can get everything your heart desires: computers, smartphones, domestic appliances, TV sets, loudspeakers, headphones for the bestsellers of the year, beauty and health products, delicacies, home accessories, arts and crafts, specs and jewellery, because:

In the shopping centre, there are both jewellery shops, clothing shops, shoe shops, accessory shops, home accessory shops, opticians, sports equipment shops, hairdressers, a bakery, shops selling fabrics and hobby articles, a toy shop, outdoor shops, watchmakers, hardware shops, a chemist and last but not least, a supermarket for your everyday grocery shopping.


Enjoy the many eateries and cafés

You will find ample possibilities at FRB.C Shopping for taking a shopping break in one of the many nice cafés or eateries in the shopping centre. Most of the eateries are located at level 3, whereas the cafés are more widely spread around the shopping centre. Some of the cafés even offer outdoor service so that you can enjoy the sun and feel the city pulse while resting your legs and enjoying a lovely cup of coffee. The eateries cover all meals from breakfast and brunch to lunch and afternoon coffee/cake, or delicious takeaway for your evening meal. Healthy food is not all you can get, but it is a focus point, so you find for instance Raw Food and Paleo on the menu.

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Shops at Frederiksberg with good parking facilities

The central location and good parking facilities of Frederiksberg Centret make it easy to get to the shopping centre. When shopping at FRB.C Shopping, you can for instance always use the state-of-the-art parking roof, which is accessed from Nyelandsvej. You always get one hour’s free parking on the roof which is open daily from 7 am to 21.30 pm. Outside of FRB.C Shopping, there are also lots of bike stands: at Solbjerg Plads, fronting Falkoner Allé and at the northern side of the shopping centre.


Metro straight to the Frederiksberg shops

The many wonderful Frederiksberg shops at FRB.C Shopping are favourably located as a central part of the new City Ring, and still only two stops away from Nørreport Station. The entire line has only two junctions where M1, M2 and M3 meet, and Frederiksberg metro station is one of those two junctions. You can therefore easily and comfortably go to and from Frederiksberg and the other parts of Copenhagen – also when you take the M4.

Whether your starting point is Rådhuspladsen, the airport, Amager or one of the bridge districts, it is therefore easy to stop by FRB.C Shopping on the metro. And once you have got off the metro at Frederiksberg Station, you will discover the direct access from the metro to the shopping centre and quickly be able to reach the shops.

Also, several bus lines stop just outside FRB.C Shopping in Falkoner Allé where we have provided good parking facilities for both cyclists and drivers.


Good offers in the shops at Frederiksberg Centret

If you are in search of good offers and discounts, you will find lots of them at Frederiksberg Centret – also outside seasonal sales periods, for the shops at Frederiksberg present new good offers for you on a daily basis. You will find an overview of discounts and offers at Frederiksberg here, and in addition, you can receive even more offers by downloading FRB.C Shopping’s new app that shows you information about discounts and events as well as news from your favourite shops. You can read more about the app and download it here.


Buy gift cards for 90 shops at Frederiksberg

Looking for the gift that never disappoints? You won’t get it wrong with a gift card for FRB.C Shopping. You can buy the gift card online and have it delivered to your door or in your inbox, which makes you confident that you can get a nice present even outside Frederiksberg Centret’s opening hours. It is also possible, of course, to buy gift cards at the Information help desk at level 1 and get a physical one right away.

Gift cards are valid for three years and can be used in all but a few of the shops of the shopping centre. Cards can be issued for amounts between 100 and 3,000 DKK, so when using such a card, the gift recipient can have nearly all of his or her wishes fulfilled in the shops at Frederiksberg Centret.

When you order a gift card, you can write a personal greeting to the recipient that will be printed on the back of the card. Subsequently, you will receive the card in a fine envelope perfectly suited as a gift wrapping. You can read more about our gift cards or buy one here.