The parking rules in Frederiksberg are different from the parking rules in the rest of Copenhagen. On this page you´ll find information about parking in FRB.C Shopping and Frederiksberg.


P-house in Frederiksberg Centret

You can also park in Frederiksberg Center, which has a large parking garage in two levels. From the center there is also direct access to the metro. You will always find free parking spaces in the Frederiksberg Centret.


  • P-house in Frederiksberg Centret, Falkoner Allé 21, 2000 Frederiksberg
  • Drive from Nyelandsvej

Opening hours

  • 07.00-21.30 all days except holidays

Price for a p-ticket in Frederiksberg Centret

  • First hour is free. Then it costs 7 kr. per half an hour
  • 1 hour: 14 kroner
  • 2 hours: 22 kroner
  • 3 hours: 42 kroner
  • 4 hours: 56 kroner

Parking rules in Frederiksberg

  • Free parking for two hours on the whole of Frederiksberg
  • Monday-Friday at 07.00-24.00
  • Saturday at 07:00 to 17:00
  • Sundays and public holidays, it is free to park on Frederiksberg.
  • If you park for longer than two hours, you can buy electronic p-tickets via your phone or in the designated P-machines.

Price for a p-ticket in Frederiksberg

  • 1 hour: 10 kroner
  • 2 hours: 25 kroner
  • 3 hours: 45 kroner
  • 4 hours: 65 kroner