Take the metro to shopping at the Copenhagen mall

Are you going shopping at FRB.C Shopping? Looking for a nice café at Frederiksberg? Or would you like to explore the library Frederiksberg Bibliotek? You can take either the metro lines M1 or M2 or the City Ring M3 straight to the heart of Frederiksberg and the Shopping Mall in Copenhagen Frederiksberg Centret.

A new metro system has been built in Copenhagen, connecting the city and linking the bridge districts with Frederiksberg. Avoiding the busy road Jagtvej, it now takes only a few minutes to go from Østerbro to Frederiksberg. You can also take a four minutes’ trip by metro from Copenhagen Central Station straight to Frederiksberg.

The new Copenhagen City Ring has thus made the city both smaller and bigger at the same time as it is much easier now to get about in Copenhagen when you take the metro. And it is also easier to explore parts of the city that once seemed far away, or to go shopping at the mall in Copenhagen FRB.C Shopping, even if you stay at a hotel in Østerbro.

With the City Ring in place, Frederiksberg has become a new Copenhagen metro centre, as one of the two metro line intersections is found here. This means that you can go from Nørrebro and Vesterbro to Frederiksberg and straight on to Copenhagen Airport, or take the new metro from Frederiksberg to Copenhagen Central Station if you are going to Sweden or by an S-train or a regional train.

Shop in Frederiksberg Centret – a mall located in the heart of copenhagen with easy access from the metro

You can now easily take the City Ring and the old metro straight to the shopping mall in Copenhagen, without getting your shoes wet: From Frederiksberg Station, arriving on the Copenhagen metro, you have immediate access to FRB.C Shopping where you can go shopping in more than 90 different shops. The mall in Copenhagen houses designer brands such as By Malene Birger, Baum und Pferdgarten, Ganni, Stine Goya, Tiger of Sweden, Weekday, Monki, Moss Copenhagen and COS.

You can also go shopping in the popular clothing shop & Other Stories, a three-storey H&M and H&M Home, Billi Bi Concept Store, the first digital Intersport in Denmark, HAY, Eventyrsport, the electronics shops Power and Elgiganten and many other shops.

The cafés of Frederiksberg just outside the metro

At FRB.C Shopping in Copenhagen there are other options than the many fine stores. You can also enjoy breakfast as well as lunch, dinner and delicious takeaway at the cafés and cosy eateries of Frederiksberg Centret. Try for instance the popular brunch at 42Raw Frederiksberg, the beautiful cupcakes at Holms Bager & Café, healthy food to go at Palæo, coffee at Starbucks or Fairtrade chocolate at Sv. Michelsen. While you are at Frederiksberg Centret, do pass by Føtex at the centre to buy your groceries before returning on the metro. Or you can park your car at the FRB-C Shopping car park and take the metro to get about in the city, if you prefer avoiding the traffic in the city or between Nørrebro, Vesterbro og Østerbro.

Take the metro to the library Frederiksberg Bibliotek and the music venue hall Falkoner Salen

Not only FRB.C Shopping, has come closer to the city. Also the many sights, cultural hotspots and green spaces of Frederiksberg have become within easier reach if you come from Østerbro, Inner City or Copenhagen Central Station.

Close to the metro stop Frederiksberg and the Copenhagen Mall you find the library Frederiksberg Bibliotek, the high school Frederiksberg Gymnasium, Copenhagen Business School, the cinema Falkoner Biograf, the newly renovated music venue hall Falkoner Salen and a number of restaurants and cafés such as Madklubben Frederiksberg and Kanton 27. And not far from there you find beautiful green spaces, for instance the Frederiksberg Gardens and the gardens of the agricultural university, Landbohøjskolens Have.

If you need inspiration to events at Frederiksberg or Copenhagen, you should go to the Information help desk at Frederiksberg Centret where the Frederiksberg Turistinformation can assist you with metro tickets and zone maps and provide you with a Copenhagen Guide in English, as well as give you useful tips to events at Frederiksberg and in Copenhagen.

Find three metro stops at Frederiksberg

Three new metro stations have been built at Frederiksberg in connection with the new City Ring. They are called Frederiksberg Allé, Frederiksberg and Aksel Møllers Have. The most central of these stations is the metro stop Frederiksberg where you can change between metro lines and go direct to the shopping mall in Copenhagen.

The Frederiksberg metro stations differ from the other City Ring metro stops: The three Frederiksberg metro stops are the only ones to have had escalators built all the way up to street level, which means that it is much easier now for people carrying a trolley or walking with difficulty.

The walls of the station at Frederiksberg Centret are covered with Norwegian slate in grey colours to indicate that you can change between the City Ring and the other metro lines here. If the station is red-coloured, it means that you can change to the S-train, and the other stations have been painted in other colours such as green or brown to liven up the Copenhagen metro.

Facts about the Copenhagen metro system

Have you also wondered how long the new Copenhagen metro is? How fast it goes? How long the trip takes? And when the metro will be completely finished? Below you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Copenhagen metro:

How long does the entire trip on the City Ring take?

The new Copenhagen metro, the City Ring, has 17 stops with a travel time of only one or two minutes between any two stops, so the entire trip on the City Ring takes 24 minutes. This means that it takes maximum 12 minutes to reach the most distant station, no matter where you stand, because the metro runs in both directions.

How long is the new metro?

The metro covers 15.5 km and crosses both Frederiksberg, Nørrebro, Østerbro, Inner City and Vesterbro. Its average speed is 40 kilometres an hour.

When will the metro be finished?

The City Ring has taken eight years to build and was opened on 29 September 2019. One line of the Copenhagen metro, the M4, is still missing, though. It will be finished in 2020 and 2024, respectively.

When does the metro close?

The Copenhagen and Frederiksberg metro runs 24/7, every day and night. At night, though, it runs a little less frequently. During weekends (between 1.00 and 7.00 a.m.) it runs at 15-minute intervals, and on weekdays (between 00.00 and 5.00 a.m.) it runs at 20-minute intervals. The City Ring runs every 6 minutes at night, but only in one direction.

Can you bring a bicycle on the metro?

You can bring your bicycle on the metro. However, not on weekdays between 7.00 and 9.00 a.m. and 3.30 and 5.30 p.m. Please note that a separate ticket is needed for your bicycle on the metro (as opposed to the S-train where it is free).

What is the price of a ticket, and how many zones does the metro cover?

As of 19 January 2020, the metro ticket prices are DKK 16 for 2 zones with a travel card, and DKK 24 for 2 zones without a travel card. When travelling on the metro in Copenhagen, however, there is a fee of DKK 1.60 during rush hours and DKK 1.28 outside rush hours. The minimum is 2 zones when you buy a metro ticket. You pay for the number of zones in which you travel, including the zone where you start, but on the Copenhagen metro, you are charged for a maximum of 3 zones, even if the metro runs through zones 1 to 4.

Read more about zone cards and ticket prices for the Copenhagen metro at m.dk.