Theaters and concert life

For many years, Frederiksberg has been the centre of vibrant theatre and entertainment in Copenhagen. Especially Frederiksberg Allé with its southern charm, where you´ll find many exciting theatres presenting children’s theatre, musicals, folk theatre, opera and thrilling art projects.

In addition to theatre, you´ll find many great concert venues, such as the Royal Danish Academy of Music staging classical concerts, and Forum and Falconer Salen that regularly host many Danish and international artists.

Do you know Frederiksberg’s “Walk of Fame”?

Alongside Café Promenaden on Frederiksberg Allé, a tradition has been established of placing paving stones with the names of some of Denmark’s most talented actors. Every year a theatrical luminary is nominated and their paving stone is laid down in the pavement along the avenue.

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Betty Nansen Theatre

Frederiksberg Allé 57 • 1820 Frederiksberg C

Betty Nansen Theatre is located right in the middle of Frederiksberg Allé and is one of Copenhagen´s most iconic theatres.

The theatre is named after the famous Danish actress Betty Nansen, who ran the theatre from 1917. But this Frederiksberg theatre dates back to 1869, when it became Denmark’s first theatre serving refreshments, under the name ‘Frederiksberg Morskabsteater.’

At Betty Nansen Theatre today you can experience theatre of the highest international quality with a lineup of very talented actors. The theatre maintains a proud tradition of providing everything from new interpretations of classic works to innovative and experimental performances.

Betty Nansen Theatre is for those who love:

  • Major international stagings
  • New interpretations of classic works
  • Innovative and experimental performances

Read more about Betty Nansen Theatre in Frederiksberg, find theatre performances and buy tickets here.



Edisonvej 10 • 1856 Frederiksberg C

Edison is Betty Nansen’s extra stage and is located on a side street to Frederiksberg Allé. The high-ceilinged theatre is a kind of theatrical laboratory, with plenty of space to experiment, both physically and artistically. Artistic ideas are quickly transformed here into fascinating theatrical performances.

An experimental playground for theatre folk

Edison is housed in a former power plant, so you´ll encounter a theatre that doesn´t resemble a regular theatre.

The flexible stage and alternative seating structure make it possible for artists to play with the space so that audiences experience performing arts and plays from a new perspective. That’s also the reason why Edison is considered one of Copenhagen’s most exciting theatres.

Edison theatre is for those who love:

  • Experimental theatre where you experience performing arts and plays from a new perspective

Read more about the theatre, see what theatrical performances are playing right now, and view prices here.



Allégade 7-9 • 2000 Frederiksberg

Riddersalen in Frederiksberg is a small theatre with space for 210 guests located in beautiful environs beside Frederiksberg Runddel. Riddersalen is more than 100 years old and has among other things provided a home for such cultural figures as Storm P., Jytte Abildstrøm and Osvald Helmuth.

Riddersalen in Frederiksberg stages performances of everything from children’s and family theatre to shows for adults. The theatre shows embrace quirkiness, imagination and energy and are often based on classic stories of good and evil and a quest for a better world.

Riddersalen is for those who love:

  • Children’s Theatre
  • Family theatre
  • Adult theatre
  • Theatre shows based on classic stories of good and evil and a quest for a better world.

Read more about Riddersalen’s current theatre performances as well as parking and prices here



Frederiksberg Allé 102 • 1820 Frederiksberg C

The iconic building in which Avenue-T is housed was built in 1850 under the name of Sommerlyst. Since then, the theatre has had various names such as Føniks Theatre, CampX, Dr. Dantes Aveny, Frederiksberg Theatre and now Aveny-T.

At the theatre you can experience musical performances and drama with prominent Danish actors in the lead roles. Through the years, the theatre has featured Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Jimmy Jørgensen and Mads Mikkelsen in their lineups.

Great art on a low budget

As something unique to Aveny-T, the theatre presents shows with just one-fifth of the budgetary support they formerly received. Aveny-T has therefore become a pioneer theatre and has completed several co-productions, including with Aarhus Theatre.

Aveny-T is for those who love:

  • Musical performances
  • Drama with major actors

Read more about the theatre, tickets and parking, and currently running shows here.


Falconer Salen

Falkoner Alle 9 •  2000 Frederiksberg

Falconer Salen is centrally located in Frederiksberg, close to Frederiksberg Metro and Frederiksberg Centret.

Falconer Salen is both a theatre and a concert venue that holds over 2,000 seated spectators and more than 3,000 standing. The venue was designed to provide an outstanding acoustic experience, and many leading international stars like Katie Malua, Bob Dylan and Nick Cave have performed here.

Falconer Salen is also used for musicals, conferences and trade fairs.

 What to experience at Falconer Salen:

  • Theatre
  • Concerts with national and international stars
  • Musicals
  • Conferences
  • Trade Fairs

Read more about Falconer Hall, parking and transport, concerts, programs and upcoming events here


Forum Copenhagen

Julius Thomsens Plads 1 • 1925 Frederiksberg

Forum Copenhagen is a large hall that opened in 1926 under the name “Kæmpehallen”.

Since then it has seen everything from circus tents to car shows and a galaxy of musical stars. It´s truly a venue with lots of history and still hosts all kinds of events from major concerts to TV broadcast awards shows and much more.

Global stars and flea markets

Numerous great musicians visit Forum every year, which holds more than 10,000 spectators standing or 8,500 seated. In addition, there is an annual designer forum, flea markets and exhibitions focusing on lifestyle and adventure.

It’s easy to get to Forum Copenhagen, with both metro and buses stopping right in front of the entrance.

What to experience at Forum Copenhagen:

  • Concerts with national and international stars
  • Designer Forum
  • Flea markets
  • Exhibitions
  • Stand-up comedy
  • And a whole lot besides

Read more about Forum Copenhagen, upcoming concerts, events and trade fairs, and see opening hours and ticket prices here.


The Royal Danish Academy of Music

Rosenørns Allé 22 • 1970 Frederiksberg C

With more than 200 concerts a year, many of which are free to the public, it’s easy to experience classical music at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Frederiksberg.

Denmark’s most beautiful concert hall

The Academy of Music is located in the distinctive Radio House (Radiohus) in Frederiksberg and contains no fewer than six concert halls, the largest of which is the Radio House Concert Hall that seats more than 1,000 spectators. The Radio House Concert Hall is widely considered to be Denmark’s most beautiful.

At the Royal Danish Academy of Music you can hear everything from orchestral concerts to student soloists and the Copenhagen Philharmonic. Alongside the music academy, you´ll also find the world’s oldest music history museum.

What to experience at the Royal Danish Academy of Music:

  • Classical music in beautiful surroundings
  • Orchestral concerts
  • Student soloists
  • The Copenhagen Philharmonic
  • The Danish Music Museum

Read more about concerts, festivals, parking facilities, prices, and the history of the Royal Danish Academy of Music here.



Dirch Passers Allé 4 • 2000 Frederiksberg

KU:BE is an encounter space in Frederiksberg that explores the boundaries between culture, health and movement. With more than 3,800 m2, the cultural centre is home to a mix of cultural events, physical activities, lectures and user groups that help to shape KU:BE.

KU:BE also offers a library with books, magazines and digital newspapers, which you can read for free at the library, as well as a café serving healthy dishes and great coffee from Simply Cooking.

There are also various regularly scheduled activities and a series of events every month.

What to experience at KU:BE:

  • Cultural events
  • Exercise activities
  • Lectures
  • Library
  • Café