Parks and gardens in Frederiksberg

Wild nature and romatic gardens in Frederiksberg

One can hardly think of Frederiksberg in the heart of Copenhagen without also thinking of Frederiksberg Gardens and the city’s other green oases. Even though Frederiksberg is Scandinavia’s most densely populated municipality, it´s also a green municipality with many scenic gardens and quiet corners where you can take a break from city life.

At Frederiksberg you will find both large open grassland with lots of air and small, idyllic gardens with beautiful flowers and rare trees. Many of Frederiksberg’s parks are hundreds of years old and are therefore designed for a romantic style with winding paths and small canals, giving the gardens of Frederiksberg a unique charm and atmosphere.

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Frederiksberg Gardens in Frederiksberg

Frederiksberg Runddel • 2000 Frederiksberg

Frederiksberg Gardens is the most famous park in Frederiksberg. And with good reason, because the gardens are in fact one of Copenhagen’s most beautiful green oases.

The park is more than 300 years old and offers quaint meandering paths and small canals designed in an old English romantic style.

Discover Frederiksberg Gardens:

  • Large green areas
  • Small canals and lakes that you can sail on with rowboats
  • The Chinese Pavilion from 1799
  • View of the elephants in the Zoo
  • Hidden oases
  • Small sun-filled nooks

Frederiksberg Gardens is also known for its large herons and peacocks, beautiful flower beds, De små haver (the small gardens) just outside the park and Frederiksberg Palace, located on Frederiksberg Hill overlooking the gardens.

A huge number of events and concerts are held annually at Frederiksberg Gardens, and every year at midsummer (Skt. Hans Aften) thousands of people gather around a spectacular bonfire to listen to music and speeches. In addition, every winter there is an ice skating rink at the entrance to Frederiksberg Gardens.

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Søndermarken • 2000 Frederiksberg

Søndermarken is next to Frederiksberg Gardens at the summit of Valby Hill. The park was laid out back in the 1730s and linked to Frederiksberg Palace.

In 2010, Søndermarken received a makeover as part of the “Life and light to Søndermarken” project and the park is now full of great playgrounds, fitness routes, grassy areas for playing, cultural history and beautiful walking trails.

Attractions and exciting places in Søndermarken:

  • Playgrounds
  • Fitness routes
  • Mindehøjen (emigrant memorial), which was established by Danish-Americans
  • The well cave
  • Museum of Modern Glass Art

In addition, a series of events, concerts and other cultural activities for both children and adults are held annually.

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Landbohøjskolen´s Gardens

Bülowsvej 17 • 1870 Frederiksberg C

In the middle of Frederiksberg you´ll find the gardens of Landbohøjskolen (Royal Veterinary and Agriculture University), with a world of beautiful plants that subtly alter the garden’s appearance from spring´s first green shoots to autumn´s colourful bounty and dazzling hues.

The garden was designed from the ground up on an empty meadow in 1858 and contains fascinating plants and flowers, admired by both students, local Frederiksberg and Copenhagen tourists alike.

Landbohøjskolen´s Gardens are laid out in a romantic style with many small gardens, a brook, a rockery, rose garden, woods, groves, open areas and large flower beds, while nowadays the inner part is commonly called the Romantic Garden. Discover how the weather transforms the gardens from month to month, and luxuriate in this quiet oasis in the heart of Frederiksberg.

What to experience at Landbohøjskolen´s Gardens:

  • Peace and quiet
  • A myriad of beautiful plants
  • Landscaping with small gardens in a romantic style
  • Natural features such as a brook, a rockery, rose garden, woods, groves, open areas and large flower beds
  • The Romantic Garden – the gardens´ inner sanctum

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Royal Botanical Society Gardens

Frederiksberg Runddel • 2000 Frederiksberg

The Royal Botanical Society Gardens are located at Frederiksberg Runddel close to Frederiksberg Gardens. In the Royal Botanical Society Gardens you can disappear among the evergreens, enjoy a nice view of the lawn or rest in a tranquil setting on a bench while admiring the sky in the reflecting pond.

The Gardens have been in Frederiksberg since 1880 and cover an impressive 20,000 m2. The gardens are, despite their location on Frederiksberg Avenue, a quiet place offering many opportunities for relaxation. The garden has also won a landscape award in the category, “Quiet Places”.

What to experience at the Royal Botanical Society Gardens:

  • Peace and quiet
  • Many different plants
  • A reflecting pond with a female figure sculpted by Henrik Starcke
  • A beautiful rose garden

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The Green Path

Falkoner Allé 21 • 2000 Frederiksberg

The Green Path is a cycle and pedestrian route that cuts diagonally through Frederiksberg past the shopping mall Frederiksberg Centret, Dalgas Boulevard and Landbohøjskolen´s Gardens. The path, which is nine kilometres long, was laid on top of the old railway tracks and runs from Nørrebro through Frederiksberg and all the way to Valby.

The Green Path runs through the quiet parts of the city and is perfect for a little bike ride or walk in Frederiksberg, away from the busy city streets. There are just seven intersections with vehicle traffic along the route.

Why you should choose the Green Path:

  • Nine kilometre route through quiet surroundings
  • “Secret” pathways away from the city’s busy streets
  • The route crosses just seven traffic lights

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Rose Garden

Hollændervej • 2000 Frederiksberg

The Rose Garden is a haven for all types of fragrant roses. Here you´ll discover a unique tranquility that almost bestows a feeling of Zen. Immediately on entering the rose garden, you´re enveloped by the scent of beautiful flowers and the silence around you.

In the Rose Garden there are countless rose varieties, all of which are labelled so you can tell the different roses from each other.

The Rose Garden was established in 1966 on top of the disused Frederiksberg Tramway and can be found on Hollændervej between Allégade 12 and Ludvigs Minde. At one end, there is a small playground where children can play on their way home from kindergarten or school.

What to experience at the Rose Garden:

  • Tranquility and a sense of Zen
  • Many different types of beautiful, fragrant roses
  • Playground



Themed gardens at Solbjerg Park Graveyard

Roskildevej 54 •  2000 Frederiksberg

Over the last few years, Solbjerg Park Graveyard has established a number of themed gardens in the graveyard’s western part.

The themed gardens are part of the plan to transform Solbjerg Graveyard into a church park, which will also be used as a green area in ​​Frederiksberg.

Discover Solbjerg Park Graveyard´s themed gardens:

  • The Fragrant garden
  • The Bible garden
  • The Butterfly garden
  • The Dahlia garden
  • The Water garden