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Precisely because Frederiksberg is a city in the middle of the city, there is a relatively short distance between the city’s many attractions, museums, theatres and shopping opportunities. So you can easily experience many of the city’s highlights in Frederiksberg.


Experience Frederiksberg on foot:

Grand tour de Frederiksberg

Grand tour of Frederiksberg

This tour takes you on a sightseeing trip of the major highlights of Frederiksberg. The tour is about six kilometers along, excluding a visit to the zoo. You can trace the route here and on the map:

Start the tour at Frederiksberg Centret.. 

and proceed to Copenhagen Business School, located just behind the centre. This whole area is lively and has a real Frederiksberg vibe, several architecturally stunning buildings and lots of charm. Here you´ll meet a mix of students and visitors to the centre.

Continue to Frederiksberg Gardens...

where you´ll find an entrance at Smallegade. In Frederiksberg Gardens, you´ll experience a completely different atmosphere of tranquil surroundings and beautiful green oases.

Continue to the Chinese Pavilion...

to the top of the hill at Frederiksberg Palace, which was formerly used as the royal family’s summer residence.

After Frederiksberg Palace, you can take a walk in the Zoo...

located right next to the palace. You can also continue across Roskildevej to Søndermarken, where you´ll find the historic subterranean reservoir (Museum of Modern Glass Art) beneath the glass pyramids.

Continue your Grand Tour de Frederiksberg towards Bakkehus Museum...

where you can experience a true Golden Age home, and then stroll down atmospheric Pile Allé , where you can have a pit stop at De Små Haver, serving traditional Danish food. Continuing down Pile Allé brings you to Frederiksberg Runddel, where you can visit both the Storm P. Museum and the Danish Revue Museum.

Following your museum visit, turn right down Frederiksberg Allé...

lined with beautiful trees, theatre paving stones and pleasant sidewalk cafes. Follow the avenue down to Værnedamsvej, and continue your trip up along Gammel Kongevej. On these streets, you´ll find many specialty shops, bookshops and cafés. At the end of Gammel Kongevej you come to Falkoner Allé once again. Turn right here to end where you started at Frederiksberg Centret.


Walking and running trails in Frederiksberg Gardens and Søndermarken

Walking and running trails in Frederiksberg Gardens and Søndermarken

If you feel in need of a wonderful run or a ramble in scenic surroundings, you´ll find several good routes in Frederiksberg Gardens and Søndermarken. Try the route that runs all the way along the fringes of Frederiksberg Gardens and Søndermarken. This route is about 4.2 kilometers long.

Start at the entrance to Frederiksberg Gardens..

and follow the outermost path to the right all the way around the gardens, past the elephants and up the hill to Frederiksberg Palace.

Cross the road at Roskildevej.. 

and turn right again, following the outermost path all the way around Søndermarken.

Return by the same path to Frederiksberg Gardens..

and continue your route to the right until you reach the entrance to Frederiksberg Gardens once again.

See all routes in Frederiksberg Garden and Søndermarken here (in danish).

Museums route

Museums route

Visit all five Frederiksberg Museums on the same route, and see Frederiksberg´s two most beautiful gardens, Frederiksberg Gardens and Søndermarken.

Museums routen Start your tour at the old rural residence, Møstings House... 

 and continue to the second rural residence, Bakkehus Museum, which, being from the 1620s, is Frederiksberg’s oldest house. Both houses were, of course, once deep in the countryside.

From Bakkehus you can enter Søndermarken...

where you´ll find the Museum of Modern Glass Art with its stunning subterranean exhibitions. Continue through Frederiksberg Gardens to Frederiksberg Runddel and arrive at Frederiksberg Allé. The Storm P. Museum is housed in a fine, small house, formerly a police station.

Continue down cozy Allégade...

to the last museum, the Danish Revue Museum which celebrates Danish entertainment and brings together culture and history.

Read more about the museum route, and find maps at Frederiksberg Tourist Information in the Frederiksberg Centret.

Read more about the museums in Frederiksberg at the joint ticket here.