In the heart of Copenhagen, you will find FRB.C Shopping also known as Frederiksberg Centret – a bright and inviting shopping mall in Copenhagen with 90 exciting stores on three magnificent floors of pure shopping joy.

Be inspired by the latest trends from the world of fashion. It doesn’t matter whether you are passionate about fashion, lifestyle, home decor, sports, or outdoor activities. In FRB.C Shopping you may find everything that you could possibly look for within the mall. You will find the complete list of all our shops here.

90 Stores in the Copenhagen Mall

The mall in Copenhagen offers a unique shopping experience with everything from fashion and tech to home decor and foods. We can provide everything you need and possibly could be looking for – and then some.

While, every square meter has been utilized perfectly to secure the largest variety of products and offerings as possible, the broad walkways and halls of the shopping mall ensure a pleasant and comfortable shopping experience.

Whether you are looking for women’s, men’s or children’s clothing, home decoration, jewellery, shoes, beauty products, tech, or delicious eats, FRB.C will live up to your highest expectations.

Foods and drinks in the shopping mall

Whether you fancy pizza, raw foods, paleo, freshly squeezed juices, quality chocolate, or pastries from the bakery, you will find a variety of foods and drinks in FRB.C Shopping. Give in to your temptation and enjoy an excellent dining experience or try out the delicious eats throughout the shopping mall. Most cafés are to be found on the third floor of the shopping mall.

Parking Options and Transportation

It is easy to find your way to FRB.C Shopping. You may, for instance, be pleased to know that we offer 1 hour of free parking in our newly build parking roof. It consists of two whole floors of parking. On the first floor, you will find charging stations for electric cars.
Learn more about parking in FRB.C and general parking rules in Frederiksberg right here.

You may also just jump upon one of the direct buses from the Copenhagen Central Station that will take you to main entrance of the shopping mall at Falkoner Allé. Similarly, you may ride the metro to Frederiksberg Station. There is, in fact, direct access from the metro station to FRB.C Shopping. Easy and convenient.